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The Anderson Township Little League Baseball season is in full swing. That means lots of double steals and stand-up triples. It also means bad hops, pulled muscles and sprained ankles that could put your ballplayer on the sidelines during the season and throughout the year.

The team at Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, a partner of Mercy Health, is ready to help. Whether an injury comes during an early Saturday practice or at the end of a night game, our After Hours Clinic will be open and our team of experts prepared to treat any injury.

We’re right here in your neighborhood. And we understand the way kids move, play and grow. We’re also the official Sports Medicine provider to all Forest Hills Schools and McNicholas High School, so your kid will be in great hands.

If it’s an urgent injury, come right in to our Five Mile Rd. location open throughout the year. No appointment is necessary. You can also call 513-624-4100 to schedule a visit or check out www.mercymovesyou.com to learn more.

OK, now your bases are covered. Play ball!


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BIG Changes for 2017

Anderson Township Little League was founded in 1998 with the goal to develop the skills of each player while creating a positive environment in which to play baseball, We have since grown to be the largest Little League in Southwest Ohio.  Over the past two decades youth baseball has seen some tremendous changes and our organization has continually evolved for the benefit of all players in our league. This year we had over 1,000 players on 82 teams ranging in age from 4 (t-ball) to 18 (Big League), provided league umpires at more games, made improvements to our end of season tournaments and made deep runs in the District 9 All-Star Tournaments. We have always tried to react quickly to keep pace with the changing baseball environment and ATLL is excited to announce new developments within the league so we can continue to meet the many different demands and needs of all of our young baseball players.

During the past two years, ATLL has been incorporating new changes to our program with the introduction of the “Enhanced Baseball Program” for players who are interested in playing at a slightly higher level with Sunday games against other teams from Southwest Ohio.  The program has been successful with teams spanning ages 8 through 12.  For 2016, ATLL focused its attention to improving fun and competition across our baseball divisions.  An emphasis was placed on creating balanced teams across all divisions within ATLL with a primary focus on AAA-American and up.  We are pleased that great progress was made with most divisions showing large increases in the number of games that were decided by 5 runs or less and a large decrease in the number of games that were run ruled at 10 runs or more.  We will continue to try and improve upon these successes with increased focus on our league in 2017.

ATLL is proud to announce a new “Coaches Development Program” for 2017 that will place an increased emphasis not only on player development but on the development of our managers and coaches as well.  The Coaches Development Program will include enhanced on-line content, practice plans and new workshops for our coaches that will teach practice drills along with proper throwing, catching, and pitching fundamentals.  These workshops will be open to all Managers and Assistant Coaches and participation will be documented.  As part of our Coaches Development Program there will also be an increased number of meetings where our managers and coaches can get together throughout the season, stay updated on happenings around the league, and voice any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the season.  The final piece of our new Coaches Development Program will include continued monitoring of all teams across ATLL and additional support for any team that may be struggling.  Such support could include practice help from other experienced coaches, additional practice time, game swapping to create better competition, and ultimately communication with the team manager to identify areas that need help. This is in addition to our annual Coaches Clinic in March.

In addition to the Coaches Development Program, Anderson Township Little League is proud to announce the formation of the Anderson Aces and Anderson Kings programs which will supplement the current ATLL regular season.  ATLL has seen an increased attrition of high level players over the past few years and it is the goal of these two programs to give those players an alternative to the high costs, tiresome schedules, and “win at all cost” attitudes of many of the select baseball programs they have joined.  We have players returning to ATLL every year who are burnt out and have lost their love of the game after playing a grueling select baseball season.

“The Kings” program is nearly identical to the current Enhanced Baseball Program; players will still play a full schedule on their regular season ATLL teams, but will also play for a Kings team that will compete separately against other area programs and will not conflict with the player's regular season schedule.  The Kings will play approximately 10 games on Sundays plus one tournament.  They will have weekly practices running mid-February thru March in preparation for the season and no practices once the ATLL season begins.  The Kings will be a great way for players who aspire to play a higher level of competition as well as take their own game to the next level.  The Kings are for those kids who have a solid fundamental foundation with a love of the game beyond just hanging out with their friends for a couple hours at the ballfield.  The Anderson Kings will be formed for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U in 2017.  The cost to play for the Kings will be approximately $150 beyond standard ATLL league fees.

“The Aces” program takes the Kings concept one step further for those players who are playing at the highest level for their age within ATLL.  The Anderson Aces will be formed at the 9, 10, 11, and 12 ages for the 2017 season. Players at these age levels may try out for the program and one team will be formed at each level for 2017. Players who do not make the Aces rosters will be eligible to play in the Kings program in addition to their regular season ATLL teams.  Players who do make the Aces team will play only with that team and will not play on a separate team during the ATLL regular season. The Aces will play approximately 30 games per season against other District 9 Little League programs as well as other teams from around Southwest Ohio. This program will remain a part of ATLL, will foster our core beliefs and positive leadership, and is designed to offer a higher level of competition and instruction for those players who want and are ready for more advanced baseball.  The Aces will start weekly practices in January and their season will run through the end of June.  The cost to play for the Aces will be approximately $500 per season with no additional league fees.

Tryouts for the Aces and Kings will take place on September 10th & 11th. If your player would like to try out for a 2017 team, please register at the following link: ATLL Aces Tryouts. This will be the only opportunity to try out for a 2017 team. There will be no additional tryouts in the winter or spring. If you would like to be considered for manager of an Aces or Kings team or have any other questions, please email Bill Ziegler  .

ATLL will continue to hold yearly tryouts for All Star teams at each age level.  Players from the Aces, Kings, and all regular season ATLL teams will remain eligible for All Stars and have an equal opportunity to make the teams.

I am excited about these new opportunities that will only strengthen the already solid foundation of Anderson Township Little League and afford all of our talented young ballplayers more opportunities to represent Anderson Township throughout the Greater Cincinnati Little League baseball community. These changes are necessary for ATLL to continue as a leader in youth sports in Southwest Ohio and we will continue to look for more ways to provide the best baseball experience for all of our players. Watch for more exciting news as we head into 2017!


by posted 08/20/2016
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