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Elected Positions

2018 Board Position Member Name Primary Email
President Adam Turer Adam.Turer@gmail.com
Vice President & Rules and Competition Chris Muzzo chris@muzzo.com
Treasurer Bill Lambert wlambert@cinci.rr.com
Safety Officer Mark Fyffe fyffema@gmail.com
Player Agent Greg Kuenning atllplayeragent@gmail.com
Secretary Scott Erickson scott.erickson53@gmail.com
Aces & Kings Coordinator Bill Ziegler atllacescoord@gmail.com
Information officer Andy Horsley horsleyaj@gmail.com
Events Director Erin Horsley erinhorsley@gmail.com
Equipment Coordinator Jim Sandul atll.equip.coord@gmail.com
Field Coordinator Rob Pratt atll.field.coord@gmail.com
Public Relations Officer Nick Carpenter nickcarpenter1417@gmail.com
Manager coordinator Jim Tavernelli  
Umpire Coordinator Chris Varatta andersontownshipumpire@gmail.com
All Star Coordinator John Chafin  
Assist. Coaches Development Coordinator Chris Schilling cschilling@terryberry.com
Assist. Equipment Coordinator Jim Ayers jcayers@fuse.net
Assist. Events Coordinator Open Position  
Assist. Field Coordinator Mark Johnson atll.field.coord@gmail.com
Assist. Information Officer Open Position  
Assist. Player Agent Open Position  
Assist. Public Relations Officer Brian Schroeder bschroeder@zoomtown.com
Assist. Safety Officer Open Position  
Assist. Umpire Coordinator Dave Wingard andersontownshipumpire@gmail.com
Coaches' Development Coordinator Brian Schofield schofibd@gmail.com
Field Lining Coordinator Open Position  
Match Coordinator Jeff Hallmark jeffhallmark1@me.com
Tournament Director Jeff Rank jrank072702@gmail.com
Indoor Facility Coordinator Chris Wilson  


Position Descriptions


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